how we work

Button Box Design is a membership based shopping website providing limited edition jewelry designs to our stylish customers. In order to access our jewelry collection and receive information regarding the debut of new collections, we ask that you create an account by providing only your name and email address. No worries ladies, we will cherish your personal information and keep it private! You can then sign in each time you access the site to shop for the newest addition to your jewelry collection. Button Box Design debuts new jewelry collections throughout the year with each piece offered in limited quantity so as to preserve the uniqueness, distinctiveness and exclusivity of everything you buy on the site. No need to worry that Suzie will show up to prom wearing the same accessories (Gasp!). Thank you for visiting the site and supporting Button Box Design!

about me

My obsession with the wonderful world of accessories started early in life. One of my parents' favorite memories involves the nightly war I waged as a two year old in refusing to remove the dozens of plastic bracelets, necklaces and earrings I modeled each day. Regardless of the outfit, occasion or weather, it became imperative I was properly accessorized. Soon after, followed a strong and lasting passion for anything that sparkled with a particularly strong enthusiasm for sequins. Despite sequins’ somewhat questionable tastefulness as a legitimate fashion accessory, to this day I have remained steadfastly loyal.

Having spent so much time thinking about the world of accessories, I decided it was time to share and spread this addiction as far as possible. As such, I created Button Box Design in hopes of bringing all of the classy ladies in my life an updated and modern touch of the sequins many of us fell in love with as young girls.

Much of my creative inspiration initially came from my grandmother who was gifted not only in her subtle elegance and understated glamour but also in her works as a seamstress. Once she had passed, I often reach for the purple tin Louis Sherry chocolate box where she kept her button collection as an endless source of artistic encouragement for my childhood art projects. To this day, this is one of my most fond memories of creative inspiration. Hence, the name Button Box Design.

I design each jewelry piece to be exceedingly versatile but with the ability to add the extra zest you are looking for each morning before work or as a special touch before an evening out. I hope when you wear a Button Box design you can enjoy the classic style combined with a bit of modern flair. And I guess my somewhat childish and self-indulgent hope is that each piece helps you to relate in a small way to my unabashed giddiness for anything that sparkles.