About the jewels

All Button Box Design jewelry is hand made in our studio in Charlotte, NC.  We use high quality metals and work primarily in natural semi-precious stones.  We are completely obsessed with color and inspired by the stones we discover on shopping trips.  We are equally inspired by meeting each of our lovely customers, knowing they are taking home one of our jewelry babies to their forever home.  

About Jenny

Let's just start with the important stuff: I have been OBSESSED with jewelry since I was old enough for my little eyes to focus on something sparkly.  One of my parents' favorite memory involves the nightly war I waged as a two year old in refusing to remove the dozens of plastic bracelets, necklaces and earrings I modeled each day. Regardless of the outfit, occasion or weather, it became imperative I was properly accessorized. From plastic jewels I moved onto sequins, glitter and bedazzling.  Soon after I started making my own jewelry and haven't looked back since.  

Much of my creative inspiration initially came from my grandmother who was a talented seamstress. After she went up to heaven, my sister and I would reach into her left behind button collection as an endless source of artistic encouragement for our childhood art projects. To this day, this is one of my most fond memories of creative inspiration. Hence, the name Button Box Design. 

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